Wednesday, November 18, 2009

nucleus - city government

The nucleus is the brain of the cell. it makes all the important decisions, like a government.the guy in the suit is mayor Quinby, from The Simpsons.

Cell membrane and cell wall - a citie's walls

Even though most cities do not have walls, the idea is very similar to a cell. The wall chooses what what can come in and what cant. It also decides what it needs, like the cell.

Chloroplasts - Solar energy plant

Chloroplasts are fond in plant cells and they make energy from the sun. this immediately struck me as solar energy. Its the same concept, but except solar energy can be found any where.

Ribosomes - Brick factory

The ribosome's main purpose is to create proteins for a cell. Proteins are very important in a cell because they build body parts, enzymes and hormones. a brick factory makes building blocks to build large structures. Besides, a city needs buildings.

Vacuoles - Storage facility/waste dump

The main purpose of a vacuole is to store food, waste and extra material. The equivalent is a storage facility, because that's where people keep items. It also contains waste, meaning a dump.

The Golgi body - a city's postal system

The Golgi body receives newly formed materials and proteins from the Endoplasmic reticulum and sends them to the parts of the cell needed. This example is very similar to the city for many reasons. To get your package or letter (protein or other materials) to the post office (Golgi body) you might need to take a road (endoplasmic reticulum ).
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Endoplasmic reticulum - highways and roads

These little passageways serve as transportation for materials around the cell. they must be the equivalent for a road, because roads carry materials (such as food, energy, and other products ) around . They are very important.

Mitochdria - Nuclear power plant

The mitochondria within a cell produces energy .Energy within the cell, and the same applies for the city. The nuclear power plant produces energy for a city to function. With out energy, both the cell and the city would have a problem.